INR 27,300/person

A Program for Rejuvenation By Detoxification: Atlas airport hotel offers 7 days programme main aim of this therapy is maintain the youth of an individual along with maintaining his long life. This treatment endows the individual, memory, intellect, excellent complexion and strength of sensory and motor organs.

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INR 30,000/person

Back and neck pain can be associated with a number of reasons spinal disc problems,spondylosis, ligment injuries, injuries from sprains,fractures,accidents and pelvic inflammatory diseases are the major causes atlas airport hotel offers 7 days programme for busy young;

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INR 28,000/person

A programe for beauty care in Ayurveda atlas airport hotel offers 7 days programme our purifying extractions and nourishing masks along with a gentle massage of your face ,neck, and shoulders will restore the balance of doshas of your skin in good and rapid manner. This treatment is suitable for all ages and proved.

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INR 13,500/person

Persistent stress can put one at risk for a variety of illness.  Ayurveda has a set of therappies which shield the person from the ill effects of chronic stress atlas airport hotel offers a 3days programme for busy young and middle age personnels all included in this criteria

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   INR 12,000/person

               A program for purification of our sense organs atlas airport hotel offers 3 days program for purifying your sense organs like ears, skin, eyes, tongue , nose. this is the most effective healing modality in ayurveda which promote deep detoxification and rejuvanation

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INR 15,000/person

A treatment for personnels who suffer pain in particular portion of the body due to any kind of injuries,strain due to method of working at work place etc atlas airport hotel offers a 3days programme and it may extended according to the condition of the patient band instruction of the doctor.

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Maharaja Ayurvedic Package

Includes full Ayurvedic body massage, Sirodhra 
therapy, Kizhi therapy, Ayurvedic face pack and
Health stream.
Benefits : Provides excellent relaxation and
Duration: 120mins
Price: INR 2500/-
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Sirodhara Ayurvedic Package

Includes Siridhara Head massage, full body
Ayurvedic massage and Herbal Steam .
Benefits : Provides excellent relaxation and
Improve sleep.
Duration: 90mins
Price: INR 2000/-
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jambeera pinda sweda

Kizhi Theraphy Package

Includes full body Kizhi Therapy, full body
Ayurvedic massage and Herbal Steam.
Benefits : Rejuvenates, improves blood circulation,
reduces muscle aches and strains.
Duration: 90mins
Price: INR 1800/-
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Abhyanga Ayurvedic Package

Includes full body relaxation massage with the
Ayurvedic medicated oils, Ayurvedic face packs and 
Herbal Steam.
Benefits : Provides relaxation improves blood 
Duration: 90mins
Price: INR 1500/-
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Sugandha Aroma Massage

Includes full body massage with Aromatic
creams and oils.
Benefits : It is an Aromatic massage and 
relaxaction massage.
Duration: 45mins
Price: INR 1200/-
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p-Ritz-3_54_990x660_201406010256 (1)

Anti Jet – Lag Therapeutic Massage

Includes special Head massage, Face massage, 
Neck and Shoulder massage, care of leg and feet.
Benefits : Provides relaxation to strained 
muscles due to long journey and improves blood 
Duration: 60mins
Price: INR 950/-
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Ayurvedic Head and Shoulder care

Head and Shoulder massage with ayurvedic
medicated oils.
Benefits : Provides relaxation to strained 
muscles of Head, Neck and Shoulder.
Duration: 40mins
Price: INR 750/-
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Ayurvedic Legs and Feet care

Massage of Legs and Feet with ayurvedic
medicated oils.
Benefits : Improves circulation of legs and 
feet and relaxes strained muscles of legs and 
Duration: 40mins
Price: INR 750/-
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Ayurvedic Face care

Beauty care therapy includes Face massage,
Face pack and Head Massage.
Benefits : Removes dead cells from face and gives 
a glow to the face.
Duration: 40mins
Price: INR 750/-
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