Our Approach

Stress acts on every system of the body through a sophiscated mechanism called the ‘’Stress response’’ making one more susceptible to indigestion, heart burn, asthma, chest congestion , migraine  & triggers insomnia ,anxiety and depression . Stress can cause stomach problems, bown syndrome and a whole range   of disease. ATLAS AIRPORT HOTEL offers a total   stress relief along with Ayurvedic therapies , Counselling session Yoga and wholesome diet.

|PRICE|   INR 13500/person

                     INR 20500/couple

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Treatment Details


  • Consultation with Doctor
  • Full body Ayurvedic  Massage with Herbal oils
  • Special head Massage
  • THALAM treatment Shiro Basthi)enhance & nourishes brain cells –medicinal oil retained over the head in a sealed manner.
  • Steam Session
  • Oral Medications
  • Teaching special yoga technique to practice every day for overcome the stress in everyday life.


  • Full body Ayurvedic Massage
  • TALAPOTHICHIL TREATMENT (This treatment is very good for skin problems migraine and problems related to hair & scalp. Herbal Paste is applied on the crown of the head then wrapped with leaves some precious oils are pored on the paste)
  • Steam Session
  • Oral Medications
  • Practising Yoga



  • Ayurvedic Full body Massage
  • SIRODHARA -Reduces stress and nervous tension , improves memory ,nourishes hair and scalp ,Restoring sleep and enhances blood circulation to the brain and mind .
  • Steam Session  
  • Oral Medications
  • Yoga Practicing



Treatment includes

  • Quality Treatment
  • Intake Medications
  • Video Presentations
  • Accommodation at ATLAS AIRPORT HOTEL
  • All meals of the day
  • On line consultation with Ayurvedic Doctor before arrival
  • Pick up & Drop from Airport/Railway Station /Bus Station
  • Swimming Pool, Gym, Billiards, Pool Usage
  • Roof Top Sun Bath


Terms & Conditions

  • Taxes extra
  • Pay at hotel at the time of Check out
  • Hotel reserves the right to terminate or amend promotional details without prior notice.

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